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Quick Die Change Models

Engineering and manufacturing of die changing systems is a valued tradition at RICO. Our Quick Die Change (QDC) trucks are considered to be the most efficient and versatile for handling dies and molds in the industry. These die carts are designed to be an integral part of the quick die change system, allowing the process to take mere minutes versus the traditional hours.


For die change efficiency and precise positioning of dies to press, these die carts feature an individually or tandem controlled push/pull mechanism. To maximize truck to press efficiencies, we have optimized both sight and maneuverability through our clear view masts and tighter turning radius design. The QDC’s “V” docking system, with either hydraulic or mechanical docking capabilities, provide consistent and secure alignment of the die truck to presses and storage station. Integrated with our Fiber-Optic camera system, operators perform this docking operation with greater visibility, confidence, and efficiency which effectively eliminates repeated truck repositioning to press, providing a rapid return on investment. Our custom engineered approach allows for a variety of lift heights, capacities, and die table options meeting your specific application and load requirements.