Specialty Vehicles

RICO is synonymous with custom lift trucks! RICO Manufacturing offers a wide range of custom built, engineered models. Whether you're in need of an explosion proof vehicle or a narrow aisle lift truck, our team will engineer the vehicle to meet the needs of your environment.

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Pallet Trucks

RICO Pallet Trucks are specifically designed to lift and transport skidded materials throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities. These heavy duty lift trucks are ideal for high capacity transporting of product in areas where maneuverability is critical.

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Roll & Coil Trucks

RICO’s Roll and Coil Handlers were specifically designed for the paper and steel industry to lift and transport rolls throughout facilities with ease. These heavy duty trucks have specially designed forks and rams to take on the stress of high capacity loads of various lengths and diameters.

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Counterbalance Forklifts

The ergonomically designed operator compartments on counterbalance lift trucks feature a cab forward design, thereby providing maximum comfort and convenience for the operator. Large steps and easy to reach grab rails enable safe entry and exit from either side of the vehicle. A clear view mast and low-profile chassis allows the operator to clearly see the fork tips, enabling high visibility for improved safety and load spotting.

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Transporter & AGV Trucks

RICO’s Transporters and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) are designed to handle the heaviest of loads. These vehicles safely transport dies, steel ingots, coils, and unique loads that other vehicles struggle to handle with unmatched ease.

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The RICO Reach and Straddle Truck Series is ideal for narrow aisle operations. Our design features higher load capacity capabilities, rugged construction, and compact design for superior performance and operator comfort.

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Platform Truck Series

RICO’s Platform Truck Series is designed to improve load handling and load stability. These platform trucks increase efficiency when lifting and transporting heavy and awkward loads throughout manufacturing or distribution facilities.

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Tractors & Lift Tow Series

We know traction and steering is critical when pulling and towing loads. That’s why we took more in consideration then just high torque drive motors. Our trucks are created to achieve maximum weight distribution over the drivetrain while creating superior maneuverability through our compact chassis design. Startup traction is just as important as we include traction controlled, ramp up programing, to minimize drive tire slipping for improved acceleration and operator control.

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