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Die and Mold 'Turn-Key' Solution

RICO Equipment's long-standing relationship with Lightning Time Savers, Inc. enables us to provide a total, seamless ‘Turn-Key’ solution to die and mold operations. Lightning Time Savers, Inc. is an engineering and consulting firm with 35 years of experience implementing die changeover method improvements and installing hardware to reduce changeover time on presses and mold machines to under 15 minutes.

Lightning Time Savers, Inc. has the knowledge and know-how to formulate a QUICK DIE CHANGE program tailored to the customer’s specific needs. To begin, a complete die changeover consultation will be provided on the following:

  • How to Get Started
  • How to Justify System
  • How to Develop Overall Plan
  • How to Utilize the Team Approach
  • How to Increase Efficiency Throughout Plant
  • How to Ready Die Before and After Changeover

Total Turnkey Engineering/Manufacturing solution: RICO Manufacturing and Lightning Time Savers are responsible for the purchase of equipment, installation, and start-up and lifetime product support.