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Custom Die Racks for quick die changes

Die rack design and location is imperative to consider in any QUICK CHANGE system to pre-stage dies as close to the press as possible.


A major requirement for significantly reducing changeover is pre-staging. Not pre-staging the dies close to the press will result in lost time looking for the next die to go in and increase travel time for die exchange.

  • Safe and effective design
  • "One Approach" Operation
  • Space saving
  • Sturdy, reliable construction

No need for a fork truck to be involved with the die exchange.

If there is a large quantity of dies (10+ dies), the existing die storage system serviced by a fork truck can be used. A pre-stage rack should be placed as close to the press as possible for the actual die exchange with the die truck. The die truck would load/unload the press utilizing the pre-stage rack during the actual changeover.

  • Must have die rollers in the rack to allow the die to roll in and out of the die rack vs dropping/picking up the die with the fork truck.
  • Die rack must be designed to compensate for the G forces rolling dies in and out via die truck.
  • Die rack must have locating pins at rear of the rack to align with the v-notch locators on the die set so the die is centered on the rack.
  • Rack must have locating pins at the base to align with the v-locators on the base of the die truck to center the die truck with the die rack.
  • Rack must be a minimum 2 tier; one for the new die and one open space for the old die. Two tier is recommended so the die truck only has to dock once for the die exchange at the rack.


Custom manufactured die racks are not intended for standard forklift use.