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Tractor & Lift Tow Series

RICO tractors, lift tows and electric vehicle movers are designed for superior towing and reliability. Each design is uniquely matched for lifting, coupling or cradling the load for ease of transport and positioning.


Tractors & Lift Tow Series

We know traction and steering is critical when pulling and towing loads.  That’s why we took more in consideration then just high torque drive motors.  Our trucks are created to achieve maximum weight distribution over the drivetrain while creating superior maneuverability through our compact chassis design.  Startup traction is just as important as we include traction controlled, ramp up programing, to minimize drive tire slipping for improved acceleration and operator control.

Performance is maximized by high torque drive motors that are coupled with vertically mounted transmissions or articulated large planetary gear hubs, providing a strong combination of power and reliability. Motors are equipped with large surface contact rotors in mechanical, hydraulic or electric brake designs providing safe and secure stopping each and every time.

RICO’s custom engineered approach allows for variety of lift heights, capacities, and options meeting your specific application and load requirements.