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Roll & Coil Handler Lift Truck Series

RICO’s roll and coil handlers were specifically designed for the paper and steel industry to lift and transport rolls throughout facilities with ease. These heavy duty lift trucks have specially designed forks and rams to take on the stress of high capacity loads of various lengths and diameters.


Roll & Coil Handler Lift Truck Series

Roll handlers are designed with contoured forks to handle rolls of varying diameters and offer roll adapter flaps as an option for a wider range of use.  These adaptors are designed in either lightweight aluminum or steel for added strength.  This allows one truck to be utilized for a variety of load diameters and widths.

Coil handlers are designed for core lifting in either a high strength steel ram pole or with a positioning fork specifically tapered to handle the radius of the coil.  Each design is built for the most rigorous of applications and damage free load handling.

RICO’s custom engineered approach allows for variety of lift heights, capacities, and options meeting your specific application and load requirements.