New Sit Down Counterbalanced Model: HSD-EX-AC-100

10K Explosion Proof Sit Down Counterbalanced Lift Truck - Conversion

Vehicle Details:

Model: Explosion Proof (EX)

Capacity: Up to 10,000 lbs lbs

Operator Type: Sit-Down Rider

Steering: Fully fluid linked power steering system

Series:  Sit Down Counterbalanced Trucks

Yale Model:ERC100VH

Hyster Model:E100XN

Call for Availability: 330.723.4050 x243

Explosion Proof and FM Approved Logos

Product Brochures:   

Yale Flyer

Hyster Flyer

All EX vehicles are built to the UL583 specifications and are approved by a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for operation in:

  • Class 1, Division 1 & 2, Group D
  • Class 2, Division 1 & 2, Group G
  • Hazardous Environment


  • RICO Manufactured EX Enclosures 
  • Ease of Maintenance 
  • Inventory Control

This is the RICO Advantage

  • EX Compliance Evaluations 
  • Technical & Product Training
  • EX Rental Program 
  • Demonstrations and Test Drives Available 

Design Offers:

  • Highest EX Capacity in the Market 
  • Outstanding visibility. Excellent visibility helps increase operator awareness.
  • Lighting. Additional packages for LED work lights, blue pedestrian light and LED strobe light are available. 
  • Ease of Maintenance. Easy access to serviceable components.
  • Reduced costs.  Battery box eliminates the need for an EX battery.
  • Inventory control. Industry standard components for local servicing and dealer sourcing.  

Safety Features:

  • Rigorous Testing. Built to UL583 specifications, and approved by FM Global, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. (NRTL)
  • Static conductive steer tires. Prevent sparks, helping to provide a working environment with reduced peril and hazardous conditions.
  • Protected Surfaces. Exposed components on the perimeter of the truck, including forks, are protected with brass and aluminum alloys eliminating the possibility of mechanical sparking.
  • Drive, pump and electrical enclosures house only electrical components and are approved to be included on EX-rated lift trucks. All RICO enclosures have been tested for approval in an EX-rated environment by FM Global
  • Flexible conduit (FC) cables house regular cabling, which is sealed to ensure safe use in an EX-rated environment. The FC cable provides flexibility and space saving.

Looking to check availability of rental units rather than purchase this Explosion Proof forklift for immediate needs? 

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