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Outstanding Performance

The industry demanded - and RICO answered with the strongest, most reliable and cost effective sit-down, heavy capacity truck in the market.


RICO brings standardization to its newest four-wheel Pegasus ELITE and Pegasus Sp-Series Counterbalance trucks. These vehicle is designed based on RICO’s original heavy duty Pegasus Series foundation but in a standard chassis design and standard, industrial certified components for repeatability. The Pegasus Counterbalance Series’ all steel design offers multiple masts and fork combinations to service various applications and markets that have load capacities ranging from 18,000 to 80,000 pounds.

Safety & Serviceability

A high level of safety and serviceability was designed into the Pegasus Counterbalance forklift to facilitate simple maintenance and prolong equipment life. Ergonomically suited for operators and service technicians alike, providing supreme comfort whilst maximizing productivity.

Features include larger tanks for cooling, steel stacked counterweights, STD knuckle steering for a precise turning radius, STD engine and more. The operator compartment boasts a clear view mast with a low profile chassis to allow operators to see the fork tips to safeguard the utmost visibility.


This competitively priced Pegasus Elite and Pegasus SP-Series is designed for those production needs of higher capacity in a standard footprint and design. Strategically designed for production environments that require forks for standard loads whilst maintaining an unrivaled performance and continued reliability throughout the day and its lifetime. The standard, “off-the-shelf” model enables it to be ‘application ready’ resulting in quick, unmatched turnaround time. These forklifts are suited for rentals and large fleet management.