Custom Forklift Engineering Services

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RICO has staked a claim on being the most trusted partner in custom engineered material handling vehicles.

All RICO vehicles start off with proven modular engineered designs for repeatability while customizing to meet specific customer requirements and application. RICO also integrates into our designs many industry standard components, offering off-the-shelf replacement for field support.

Working in a variety of business verticals including automotive, aerospace, traditional manufacturing, agriculture, steel & stamping, chemical, and even energy has made us experts at building many different types solutions.

We know customers are making a significant investment in their industrial vehicles, so we invest our time and wealth of experience into delivering exactly what they need to do the job.

We invite you to learn more about how RICO’s solutions differ from most material handling truck manufacturers – from our approach and process to real examples of our custom engineering capabilities.

Consultative Approach

Manufactured lift vehicles can be customized to a certain extent – to accommodate heavier load capacities or provide higher lift ranges. RICO’s engineered solutions are called upon when an application requires capabilities outside of available catalog trucks customizations.

Because each material handling vehicle is built from scratch, RICO must fully understand the customer’s application, service environment, and operator needs before our design and engineering team gets to work.

We evaluate several factors related to a project during this discovery phase including: efficiency, productivity, hazardous materials, demanding load requirements, explosion risks, space restrictions, rider specifications, and safety.

Collaborative Design

Custom forklifts and material handling vehicles require significant research and planning to find the best option available. The process also demands communication and collaboration with our dealers and their customers so a vehicle isn’t under or over engineered.

RICO’s in-house engineering team are the design experts for every piece of equipment we fabricate. From preliminary drawings to final specification files – our engineers work closely with you through the design phase. While we manufacturer most of the equipment we are asked to engineer, sometimes the drawings themselves are the deliverable.

RICO’s innovative and meticulous design standards ensure successful vehicles in the field.

Examples of Custom Engineered Vehicles

Here are a few examples of our engineered material handling solutions. Check out our industry case studies to see dozens of our custom designed vehicles in a variety of industries.

Acrylic Glass Handler

A custom material handling vehicle was engineered to safely move large sheets of acrylic glass throughout the customer’s manufacturing process.

The truck has a 4,000 lb. capacity with an 86’ load center. For positioning and handling, the truck can side-shift, mast tilt and allows for 150 degrees of rotation.

The vehicle is equipped with four vacuum cups to securely and safely handle the acrylic glass. The space between the cups can be manually adjusted to handle differing sheet sizes.

Large Coil Handler

This high-lift straddle vehicle was designed to lift and move heavy aluminum coils in the steel and stamping industry.

The lift capacity is 50,000 lbs. with a load center of 38”. The aluminum has a diameter of 80” and the vehicle is designed to core lift the rolls 88” off the floor.

Due to tight maneuverability needs, the truck is equipped with a large, single planetary drive for tight turns despite the vehicles large frame.

175,000 Pound Vehicle Transporter

RICO custom engineered a transporter truck that can move “dead vehicles” at weights of up to 175,000 lbs. for maintenance or storage.

The vehicle is equipped with an all-wheel-drive system for maximum torque and responsive braking. A free-floating towing coupler was designed with self-centered springs for easy positioning to the load.

Loads can include 737 planes, large trailers or even the transportation of raw materials.

Could custom forklift engineering services be the solution for your needs? RICO vehicles are custom built to meet your specific application and the load requirements of any industry. Call us at 330-723-4050 or contact us to learn more.