Steel & Stamping Industry Solutions Case Study

RICO high-lift straddle rider transports 80″ diameter aluminum rolls and lifts them 88″ off the GROUND


Industry Showcased: Steel & Stamping

Capacity 50,000 LBS

RICO Stand-Up Rider Straddle Truck


This vehicle provided a solution for moving large coils of aluminum by core lifting them and transporting throughout the manufacturing stages.

Product Highlights:

This high-lift straddle rider has a capacity of 50,000 lbs at a 38” load center. It is designed to core lift 80” diameter aluminum rolls 88” off the floor.

The truck utilizes a large, single, planetary drive which allows for extremely tight turns despite the large size of the frame. The operator is nested in an elevated platform which is offset to the right side of the truck. This allows for superb visibility even when the large diameter roll is in tow.

RICO Stand-Up Rider Straddle Truck

The load wheel housings are designed to articulate allowing operation on uneven floor surfaces providing greater surface to floor contact for safe operation.

Safety features include a high-strength overhead guard, strobe lights, travel alarm, and an emergency power disconnect.

Maintenance enhancements include large hinged access doors, a central lube station, and weld-on lifting rings to safely handle the chassis.