General Manufacturing Industry Case Study

RICO Develops a safe solution for handling large sheets of acrylic glass

Industry Showcased: Glass

Capacity 4,000 LBS

RICO Stand-Up Rider Straddle


This vehicle created a safe solution for handling large sheets of acrylic glass throughout the manufacturing process.

Product Highlights:

This is an example of RICO’s innovative glass/cell-cast acrylic handling high-lift truck. This truck has a 4,000 lb capacity at an 86” load-center. It is capable of lifting a 6’ X 10’ sheet 90” off the floor.

For positioning and handling, the truck is equipped with side-shift, mast tilt, and 150 degrees of rotation. The glass or acrylic sheets are secured by 4 vacuum cups. The spacing of the cups can be manually adjusted to accommodate various sheet sizes.
RICO Stand-Up Rider Straddle

The truck is built to UL 583 Type “EE” specifications. It is equipped with a strobe light, back-up alarm, Plexiglas windshield, and 2 large convex reversing mirrors.

Red and green indicator lights on the dash indicate to the operator when the vacuum system is primed to lift. To prevent accidental disengagement of the load, two distinct operations must be performed by the operator to turn off the vacuum system. A low-pressure alarm and indicator light tower mounted to the overhead guard provides additional safety notifications to the operator and spotters.