RICO Lift Truck Rebuild Program Brings New Life to Your Equipment

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Daily wear and tear can shorten the life of your lift truck equipment, it is an unavoidable fact. When your investment has seen better days, purchasing a brand-new forklift to replace your unit can sometimes be a tough pill to swallow.

What if I told you there is a way to add years to your lift truck, while also enjoying a shorter lead time compared to purchasing brand new?

The RICO rebuild program brings new life to your RICO equipment! Our rebuild program reduces capital equipment expenses, provides quicker lead-time for delivery, and adds life to your original investment!

The RICO rebuild program offers different options, allowing you to control the rebuilding of your truck:

Option 1: Vehicle Inspection

Your RICO truck will be inspected thoroughly by our expert technicians. This inspection includes identifying obsolete parts, detecting required maintenance repairs, spotting safety violations, inspecting the hydraulic system and more!

A report will then be delivered to you with all necessary repairs and recommendations along with a quote.

Option 2: Electrical Controller Upgrade

RICO will upgrade your obsolete controller to the latest version specifically designed for your vehicle. We will also replace wiring, and engineer new wiring schematics to identify safety circuits, labeling and new components.

Option 3: Vehicle Rebuild Program

The most popular option, RICO offers a complete rebuild program for all RICO Manufacturing product lines. In this option, we identify any components and weldments that have less than 50% life expectancy, replace obsolete parts and rebuild parts that are readily available. You will also receive an updated manual with any updated components reflected.

The rebuild program also includes a comprehensive evaluation of the electrical components, hydraulic systems, drive system, tire and wheel assemblies, all mechanical parts, chassis structure, safety inspection and paint, decal, and safety labels.

Option 4: Complete Vehicle Evaluation and Modification Plan

RICO offers a complete evaluation and modification to meet your budget. We can modify your existing vehicle to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. This program was designed as a lower cost solution if the environment or load requirements have changed since your original truck purpose.

We will use an application worksheet to gather critical information to identify the work to be performed and a proposal drawing will be presented for you to approve the modification of your custom lift truck.

Is the RICO rebuild program the right solution for you? If you are looking for cost savings in your capital equipment budget with a shorter lead time, contact us today to discuss your options.