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Pegasus SP-Series: Counterbalance Lift Truck Solutions

Is your requirement outside of ‘standard’? Do you need a model that can withstand uncontrollable environments such as foundries, hot steel forging, blast furnaces, steel coil productions and more? The Pegasus SP-Series (Specialty Product) can find a counterbalance lift truck solution for your needs.

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Hero Pegasus RICO’s Pegasus Counterbalance Series redefines material handling in a high capacity cushion forklift. This robust series has been designed based on environmental demands and options with custom lift truck capacities ranging from 18,000 lbs to 80,000 lbs.

Known for their ability to easily maneuver in and around confined areas, cushion tire counterbalance lift trucks are fundamental material handling equipment in most manufacturing environments. Counterbalance forklifts in the Pegasus SP-Series can be completely custom engineered, boasting limitless options to meet specific:

  • Application requirements
  • Load requirements
  • Operator needs or preferences

Don’t let poor floors, debris covered conditions, extreme heat, abusive conditions and demanding load requirements get in the way of production. Contact Us today for a consult.

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