RICO Introduces the new Explosion Proof Models (HSD-EX-AC-40)

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RICO’s all new sit-down counterbalanced lift truck, the HSD-EX-AC-40, is at the top of its class when it comes to explosion proof forklifts!

With 4,000-pound load capacity, adjustable load attachments, and backed by RICO’s industry leading services and support, our next generation of explosion proof lift trucks set a new standard in confidence when dealing in potentially hazardous environments.

Safety is key when owning and operating lift trucks in hazardous environments and having the right truck for your application matters. The HSD-EX-AC-40 fits in several industries, including:

  • Paint
  • Chemical
  • Adhesives
  • Chemical coating
  • Military
  • Auto
  • Food & beverage
  • Medical

Not only is the HSD-EX-AC-40 perfect for many applications, but its capabilities also make it ideal for applications where tight maneuverability is needed. This truck has a smaller footprint than its comparable models and includes many safety features that make it a clear choice when working in hazardous locations. Features include:

• Static conductive steer tires
• Protected surfaces
• Rigorous testing
• Outstanding visibility
• Lighting packages
• Ease of maintenance
• Ergonomic controls
• Reduced costs
• Inventory control
• Exceptional maneuverability
• Drive, pump, and electrical enclosures
• Flexible conduit cables

All RICO EX trucks are tested to UL 583 specifications and approved by FM Global, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). The HSD-EX-AC-40 is approved for operation in Class 1, Divisions 1 & 2, Group D and Class 2, Divisions 1 & 2, Group G hazardous environments.

When investing in a lift truck, exploring customization options that can better your vehicle’s productivity and safety is a critical part of the buying process. Just as crucial, however, is partnering with a lift truck manufacturer who understands the importance of meeting your custom demands and makes it a priority.

RICO vehicles are custom built to meet your specific application and the load requirements of any industry. Call us at 330-723-4050 or contact us by email at customercommunication@ricoequipment.com to learn more.