Explosion Proof Vehicles: Key Features and Models

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Large scale, efficient production that involves hazardous materials or processes requires extra planning and specialized equipment. For example, traditional lift trucks aren’t designed and built for jobs in an area where fire or explosive hazards are a risk due to flammable gasses, vapors, liquids or ignitable dust or fibers.

Depending on the hazardous location class designated to your work environment, RICO can customize and build an EX (explosion proof) lift truck to meet the needs of your application. RICO’s hazardous product division is the trusted answer for explosion proof lift truck manufacturing and our innovative designs set a new standard when combating potentially dangerous environments.

Our models and their unique features help keep your workers, assets, and facility safe and productive.

EX-Rated Vehicles vs. EE-rated and other Trucks

An EX rated truck is designed, constructed, and assembled for use in atmospheres containing harmful and hazardous materials. Comparably, an EE rated vehicle may have additional safety features and a motor and switches enclosed to prevent sparking, but it is not constructed to be entirely explosion proof.

Whether mandated by labor organizations or internal safety practices, our EX rated vehicles go above and beyond safety regulations and ensure high-quality protection against harmful materials and potential disasters.

All our EX-rated lift trucks are built to the UL 583 specifications and are approved by Factory Mutual, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Key Features

Our explosion proof vehicles are built with unique features and specifications to protect both operators and the environment.

EX-Enclosures – The case or housing that contains electrical components. Built with the capability to contain an internal explosion, all enclosures are tested by FMRC for internal explosive resistance to pressures above FMRC requirements.

Spark Protection – Truck perimeters including forks and other exposed portions are covered with either aluminum, brass, bronze, or copper. This measure reduces friction and potential sparking if the truck contacts other surfaces.

Cable and Wiring – Mineral-insulated cables and intrinsically safe wiring meet noncombustible, high-heat and water-resistant needs for EX applications.

Static Conductive Tires – Wheels manufactured of non-sparking material. RICO provides at least two tires and wheels constructed of electrically conductive material or some other equivalent static discharge device.

Belts – If included in the vehicle design, all drive belts will be constructed from an electrically conductive material.

EX Rated Battery – An EX rated battery, or an EX-rated battery box eliminating the need for an EX battery, will be used will all models.


Our EX models are constructed as an explosion proof solution for many traditional lift truck needs. We build custom solutions from the ground-up to meet your application and also rent EX vehicles if needed before a project is completed.

EX Pallet Truck

Our EX pallet trucks are designed for safety and maneuverability in mind. No matter the hazardous or explosive environment, our design will deliver a better level of efficiency.

We can customize an EX pallet truck for walk behind, stand up rider or walkie rider operation with a lift capacity of over 12,000 lbs.

EX Counterbalance Truck

Our EX sit-down counterbalance series is manufactured with a clear view mast design for easy operation and spark resistant brass covered forks for safety.

Customizable with multiple drive systems and additional safety features, our EX counterbalance will get the job done with a lift capacity of over 8,000 lbs.

EX Reach and Straddle

Designed to work in narrow aisle warehousing environments, our reach and straddle model can be built with explosion proof specifications.

The EX reach and straddle is built for walk-behind operation, and up to 12,000 lbs. capacity, all with a tighter turn radius than a counterbalance model.

Does your operation require the use of explosion proof equipment? Contact RICO to learn more.