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Pallet lift trucks, also known as pallet jacks, are one of the most universally used tools in industrial and manufacturing settings. Operated countless times daily, pallet trucks move material faster and help improve productivity and operational efficiency.  

Traditional pallet trucks can have both a manual push and lift or an electric drive and a hydraulic lift. In the material storage world, all pallet trucks are built to a standard design, usually with 7” forks, fork width of 20 and 1/4th” or 27”, and a raised height of up to 7.5”.  

RICO’s pallet trucks however, aren’t built to meet standard specifications. As a custom material handling manufacturer, we design and fabricate trucks when unique applications call for capabilities outside of a catalog offering. Industries like manufacturing, where a large and heavy product is being made, is where RICO’s custom pallet trucks might be found.  

Moving a load with weight, height, safety, and environmental restrictions is when a custom-made pallet truck solution makes sense.  

Pallet Lift Truck Design Considerations


Load Requirement 

Commonly a load of over 10,000 pounds will require a custom vehicle to transport it. Counterbalance trucks are often the solution. While a standard pallet vehicle might be able to handle a significant weight, the material might simply be too large in size. A good manufacturing example is the loading and unloading of raw materials, like steel or metal.  

Height Requirement 

Size and weight aren’t the only factors that can require a custom-built pallet truck. Some operations may need a vehicle with forks that go beyond the standard height to both move a load or put it into temporary storage.  

RICO’s high lift pallet trucks are designed for increased lifting height and increased stability. Models can come in both a walk behind and rider for added comfort while all other features are custom-engineered to your application and load needs.  


Many organizations have safety guidelines and requirements they must comply with during operation, which could demand unique equipment.  

Sit down lift trucks can put the operator in a position of lax comfort, leading to increased accidents and injury. Some manufacturers inquire about standing or walk behind pallet trucks, so operators are more alert and engaged while operating the vehicle.  

Space Restrictions  

A custom pallet jack might make sense for your application if your work environment has space restrictions. Confined workspaces, tight storage areasand a restricted turning radius that don’t allow for standard jacks will slow productivity without a workable solution.  

RICO’s custom builds can take unique and challenging work environments into consideration to keep your operation running smoothly. 

Would a custom pallet jack make sense for your application? Contact RICO to learn how our custom engineered pallet trucks can maximize efficiency.