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Counterbalance Lift Trucks:
Key Features and Benefits


When safety and reliability matter, you can meet diverse needs with counterbalance lifts.

Known for the counterbalance weight design, they have a weight in the rear of a truck to offset the load that’s carried in front of the vehicle.

Counterbalance lifts operate in a variety of settings, including warehouse and distribution centers. Common uses include loading and stacking. Pallets are carried on the forks that extend in front of the counterbalance truck.

Regardless of the size of your facility, counterbalance lifts can help your business improve the efficiency of your operations.

RICO manufactures exceptional counterbalance lifts for diverse applications in many industries, including steel and automotive.

Our custom counterbalance lift solutions:

  • Match the needs of your facilities
  • Help to lower costs by reducing handling time
  • Make worker safety the top priority

We offer AC Electric, LP Gas, or Diesel versions. They’re available with a variety of mast heights and options to handle a wide range of uses.

Here is a brief look at two of our popular counterbalance lifts. Or, get the details on all our models.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment with Ongoing Maintenance

Counterbalance lifts include a removable cab and large access panels in maintenance areas to easily reach each component.

Codes and Standards

We honor the codes and standards that focus on safety requirements for material handling equipment. We even meet non-government mandated standards when we believe they will help with overall safety and performance.

Here are just a few (not a comprehensive list):

ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 Safety Standard for Low Lift and High LiftTrucks
ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 Safety Standard for Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles 
ANSI/ITSDF B56.9 Safety Standard for Industrial Tow Tractors 

Contact RICO today to learn more about counterbalance lifts and how they can best meet the needs of your business.