Why Choose RICO?

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RICO supplies answers. That’s the main reason why people call us in the first place. The transition from an initial call to loyal customer is short when you discover that RICO earns its reputation as the industry’s premier specialty lift truck manufacturer. We have the staff and experience. We offer in-house design, building and support—a self-contained design and manufacturing experience to support you, the dealer. The few questions that remain can usually be addressed in three simple points:

  • Value Proposition
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

Value proposition

Is an affordable piece of equipment the least expensive option in terms of initial cost or a durable, long-term solution? Custom doesn’t necessarily mean too expensive; it means applying the proper expertise, thoughtful design and proper construction of a vehicle built to specifications and with the features capable of handling special material handling needs.

Although RICO gets called as the experts for unique lift situations, that doesn’t mean parts are scarce or service is difficult. RICO utilizes industry standard parts in many applications to keep equipment up and running faster in case of maintenance or repairs. In addition, we keep parts on hand in a fully stocked warehouse, which means responsive support when maintenance or repairs are required. This helps you keep RICO trucks running a long, productive service life.


What is the value of in-house engineering for our dealer partners?

In-house engineering offers support before, throughout and after projects are completed. The competition may hire out engineering expertise, so when a project is finished, that company has no way of supporting the vehicle when parts are needed or customers have questions about maintenance, repairs, etc. 

In addition, our engineers specialize in material handling vehicles and are familiar with the codes and standards required in the industry. This wouldn’t be the case with an on-call engineer that is drawn upon for multiple industries. Our 3-D modeling, motion simulation and other design validation software and test modules help guarantee our solutions supply a lift truck for safety, reliability and high performance.

Manufacturing Capabilities

It might be almost unheard of, but RICO performs more than 98% of the work in-house. Among other project objectives, this offers quality control from start to finish. It also translates into shorter lead times and greater cost control, so we can pass along that value to our dealers.

Another rare commodity? The fact that RICO is not dependent on bank financing but is completely independent. This means greater stability and the flexibility to best serve our dealers. It also means you can call us this week, next week or next year—we’re not going anywhere except forward. For specialty lift trucks and material handling vehicles call on RICO today at 330-723-4050.