Steel & Stamping Industry Solutions Case Study

RICO Steel Coil Handler Increases Plant Efficiencies

Steel Mills Realize Storage/Process Efficiencies

Two points to keep in mind when moving steel coils: first, the larger the load, the more counterbalance required for proper lift and operator safety. Secondly, the need for greater counterbalancing for larger loads limits maneuverability and storage options. Yet, typically steel mills rely on counterbalanced lift trucks and find their profitability and flexibility can be limited.

For innovation in materials handling, operators turn to RICO Equipment.

Countering the Counterbalance with a New Idea

RICO Equipment developed a straddle-style truck for coil handling that is one-fourth of the size of the corresponding counterbalanced lift truck. The RICO Walk Behind Coil Handler, specifically designed for the paper and steel industry, lifts and transports coils or rolls through facilities with ease. This walk behind coil handler model offers capacity of up to 40,000 lbs. It allows the operator to maneuver and control from behind with power-adjustable forward forks for core or outer diameter coil lifting.

The straddle design shifts the center of gravity of the load from out in front towards the center of the machine, more directly over the carrying unit. The load wheels are in the back of the vehicle and are substantially smaller than those on a counterbalanced lift truck.

The advantages are many:

RICO Steel Coil Handler

  • Moves the same size coils with a smaller vehicle
  • Greater maneuverability
  • Tight turn radius
  • Excellent clear-view visibility
  • Smaller machine = smaller plant footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Lighter weight
  • Enables high-density storage
  • Optimizes the transport, storage and shipping logistics

The lower maintenance saves time and expense, both in materials required for traditional counterbalance lifts and potential downtime while the lift is being serviced.

In addition, with the weight of this style of material handling vehicle being significantly less than the comparable counterbalanced truck—approximately one-fifth as much—the ground pressure is greatly reduced. This enables the unit to operate in more places than a standard counterbalanced truck would, due to weight and maneuverability considerations.

The Walk Behind Coil Handler from RICO Equipment helps extend the extra value that dealers are able to offer to end users with special requirements, such as those in the steel industry. The return on investment over time is substantial when considering the lower maintenance and greater versatility this style unit offers when compared to the much larger counterbalanced lift trucks. View the unit in action, here. For more information, contact RICO at 330.723.4050.