Don’t Turn Away Custom Business: Discover the Advantages of Solution-Based Selling

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Regret—it’s a sour, poignant feeling. You just watched the perfect selling opportunity walk out the door because your standard product line didn’t suit their material handling needs. Avoiding custom inquiries means you will miss the opportunity to solve a customer’s issues and build a strong, long-lasting business relationship. When standard doesn’t make sense, RICO has a solution for challenging material handling situations.

At RICO, there are no off-the-shelf finished products, only custom-built designed and engineered solutions that are manufactured using industry standard components and proven modular designs. Consult with RICO and together we’ll identify your client’s material handling pain and find a way to solve them, whether related to size, capacity, loads, turning radius or the work environment.

Dealers find the greatest benefits from working with RICO due to:

  1. Ability to offer a solution when the usual product line won’t cut it
  2. Designs developed to fit
    • demanding applications
    • unique size, shapes and weights
    • wide range of capacities
    • all environmental requirements
    • hazardous materials movement
    • explosion-proof trucks
  3. Satisfied customers that can offer repeat business opportunities
  4. Turn a profit in an industry that’s often a “race to the bottom” due to razor-thin margins
  5. Boost morale when sales staff can say “yes” instead of turning business away
  6. Win the bid yourself instead of your competition
  7. Knowing you will have a partner in RICO, assisting you and your customer find a perfect solution every step of the way

Custom Solution/Standard Parts

While some dealers might be worried that custom solutions mean custom repairs that slow down operations, RICO offers a wide range of options for aftermarket support. RICO uses standard, off-the-shelf parts within the design whenever possible, stocked in our 18,000 square-foot of inventory, such as motor controls and hydraulic pumps to support our entire product line of industrial lift trucks.

Win/Win Solutions

Profitability works in two ways. Yes, a custom solution is going to cost more than a standard machine for material handling. Yet when a client’s standard equipment is breaking down, when they cannot get a load through the door of their plant or find equipment to meet safety standards in special environments, they’re losing money every minute of every day. While each situation is unique, RICO has supplied solutions for customers that pay for themselves in less than a week’s time. And dealerships can make a well-deserved profit for supplying a custom solution that solves client headaches. When a unique problem walks through the door, don’t experience regret by turning it away.

Browse our brochures to view the custom engineered material handling solutions we can provide to you and your customer. Call RICO at 330-723-4050 and we’ll work together to find a solution.