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When working in hazardous-rated environments, safety is key to preventing disastrous events. Safe maintenance of your EX-rated lift truck not only protects assets and staff but can save you from costly non-compliance fines and downtime. EX-rated trucks have more specialized maintenance than a regular lift truck and it’s important to know these exceptions.

RICO University is pleased to be introducing five (5) new online classes to support the Explosion Proof program. The Explosion Proof training program features classes designed for field sales and service teams and includes learning paths for each team to help guide participants on the specific courses to take. The online featured EX courses will set you and your team up for success when it comes to the maintenance, service and inspection of your EX-trucks.

Benefits of EX Training through RICO University include:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by being their first point of service.
  • Drive sales through value added service and products.
  • Increase knowledge and expertise by taking courses from top experts in the field.
  • Decrease customer downtime with regular maintenance and compliance checks.
  • Increase customer run time by shortening maintenance lead times.
  • Reduce risk through staying current on requirements.
  • Reduce potential penalties and fines through scheduled truck inspections.
  • Lengthen the life of the truck by making sure all parts stay in optimal working conditions.
  • Retain compliancy by keeping trucks properly maintained.
  • Increase ROI of the capital investment by keeping original equipment in the field longer.

With support pre-and post-course, RICO partners with you and your field sales and service teams to ensure they are up to date on current OSHA requirements for EX compliancy in hazardous environments.

As someone your customer relies on, being knowledgeable about maintenance and safety of these EX-trucks makes you a vital partner. With your sales team educated on the technical aspects, they can sell more, and your service technicians can accurately and safely maintain these trucks for the end user.


What is EX? A Complete Guide to Explosion Proof for Field Sales and Service Teams
This 90-minute course is offered bi-monthly. The purpose of this training is to educate participants on standards and expectations related to the compliancy of RICO EX units. This includes, but is not limited to, review and presentation of EX ratings and classifications, authorized entities, components, systems and features as well as common failures that lead to loss of compliance.

RICO EX Sales Advantage, Advanced Training for Field Sales Teams
This 45-minute course is offered bi-monthly. The purpose of this course is to educate field sales teams on how to sell the program, identify opportunities, address competitor claims and customer questions to aggressively drive sales growth.

RICO Advanced Compliance for EX Lift Trucks for Field Service Teams
This 50-minute course is offered quarterly. The purpose of this training is to educate participants on the advanced standards and inspection procedures pertaining to RICO EX units. This will help service and sales personnel stay proactive and transparent about repairs and compliancy.

RICO EX Advanced Systems for Field Service Teams
This 50-minute course is offered quarterly. The purpose of this training is to educate participants on the standards and expectations related to compliancy of RICO EX units. This includes but is not limited to reviews of components, assemblies, maintenance procedures, etc.

RICO EX Program Advanced Sales Micro-Topics
These 30-minute courses are offered bi-monthly. This series of webinars is designed as a micro-topic important to the Explosion-Proof material handling market and RICO solutions. Each session covers a different topic and is designed as an open forum for lift truck dealer field sales teams’ discussion and conversation.

RICO offers an extensive catalog of courses, both EX-specific and general. For 2022, the micro-catalog of EX-specific webinars and programs are only available to employees of RICO dealer partners. To register, each participant must use their own username on RICO’s Dealer Portal to get participation credit. Courses may include a skill assessment depending on the course and trainer.

Register for your class today: https://ricoequipment.com/calendar/