RICO Dealer Portal – solidify your status as a preferred lift truck supplier


24/7 Access to Sales and Service Information Helps Lift Truck Dealers Serve Specialty Truck Users

RICO Dealer Portal

For most industrial applications, the key to staying profitable is to make and move a lot of product quickly and efficiently. Lift trucks and transporters are at the heart of these efforts to ensure raw materials come into the facility and finished products ship out as efficiently as possible. In the case of specialty applications that involve moving large, heavy and awkward loads, acquiring and servicing customized lift trucks can be especially complicated and time consuming.

To help lift truck manufacturers and dealers easily sell and service specialty lift trucks, RICO Manufacturing’s dealer portal provides 24/7 access to a wide variety of important sales and service tools, including in-depth product specs and real-time availability, tech tip videos and repair instructions, and a regularly updated catalog of training modules and courses.

RICO is a partner for lift truck dealers when a customer’s material handling need can’t be met by standard truck solutions. Whether the lift truck has unique requirements for capacity, height, or work environment, RICO has the capabilities to design a specialty vehicle and fabricate it from the ground-up.

Confidence to sell specialty trucks

“Some lift truck dealers shy away from specialty truck sales because it seems too difficult to work with a partner on designing a custom truck,” said Steve Shuck, President. “By not providing a full solution, there’s always a risk that a dealer may lose that customer to a competitor that can provide results. We’ve removed that concern completely by streamlining the entire sales process for dealers. The portal allows dealers to incorporate RICO materials into their assets and present a total, compatible solution. Such a seamless transaction demonstrates to customers that dealers have a trusted and proven partnership with RICO.”

Often, customers in need of a specialty truck find themselves in an urgent situation with costly downtime or capacity constraints. RICO’s custom engineering capabilities are the answer for applications that are outside the ordinary or can’t be served by standard lift truck models.

“Our new portal provides lift truck dealers access to information about RICO: our products, services and solutions, so they are equipped with critical tools to support their customer’s unique applications and requirements,” said Judy P. Love, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing. “With regular updates and exclusive content, the RICO Dealer Portal keeps dealers and RICO connected for fast, effortless collaboration resulting in a smooth and positive sales experience for the customer.”

Fast service is a game changer

When there’s a service issue, customers expect immediate results. The RICO portal’s online tools help lift truck dealers meet those expectations with resources to quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and address technical problems, anytime and anywhere.

“Now dealers can diagnose and address technical problems for RICO trucks faster than ever before,” says Bret Cooper, Aftermarket Manager. “Dealers hold all the tools to prevent costly service-related problems right at their fingertips. Providing this level of service can be a game changer to position a dealer as a reliable and trusted supplier.”

Resources on the portal will be continually updated to help dealer teams stay educated and up-to-date on the latest Rico product and service information. This is especially helpful for onboarding new employees.

“Our goal is to help lift truck dealers sell more specialty trucks,” said Adam Wachtel, Regional Product Specialist – Specialty Lift Trucks.” With the new online portal, dealers can provide their customers with peace of mind that RICO specialty trucks are proven, reliable, and fully supported in the future.”

Lift truck dealers can register for the RICO dealer portal here.