Steel & Stamping Industry Solutions Case Study

High Capacity Lift Trucks That Hold Up In High Heat Applications


Industry Showcased: Steel & Stamping

Capacity 8,000 LBS

RICO Walk Behind Straddle Truck


This vehicle provided a solution for handling materials and increased operator safety when working in heat-treated furnaces.

Product Highlights:

The vehicle was designed to load and unload heat-treated furnace of varies sizes and shapes safety and efficiently. The design offers extended forks to position up to 8,000 lbs of payload with minimal deflection while keeping the operator at a safe distance away from the furnace heat.

This vehicle was equipped with guided rollers which interface with channel mounts positioned on the floor for repeat positioning and damage free operation. RICO Walk Behind Straddle TruckThe vehicle was equipped with an adjustable lift-cutout sensor that allows the operator to raise the forks to the exact height needed to avoid striking the furnace during ingress. The manual steering handle provided a safety reversing switch; thumb throttle controls and handle activated mechanical braking. The mechanical activated lift lever provided the operator infinite variable lift and lower control.