Steel & Stamping Industry Solutions Case Study

The Steel Industry transports 108" Diameter Steel Coil Rolls with RICO Lift Trucks

Industry Showcased: Steel & Stamping

Capacity 40,000 LBS

RICO Walk-Behind Coil Handler


This lift truck provided a walk behind solution for handling large coils of steel throughout the manufacturing rolling process.

Product Highlights:

RICO designed this vehicle to handle coils in the steel and stamping industry.

The design offers forged fixed positioned forks to handle 72” to 108” diameter steel coils and weigh up to 40,000lbs with minimal fork deflection. These forks are tapered to the contour of the coil with smooth rounded fork tips allowing increased load clearance for damage free operation. The truck was equipped with rolled I-beam uprights and wide mast spread allowing operator optimal visibility during load positioning.
RICO Walk-Behind Coil Handler

The walk behind power steering handle allowed the operator to maneuver the vehicle with minimal effort fully loaded. The handle is equipped with ergonomic throttle thumb controls, push button horn, emergency reversing switch and an infinitely variable hydraulic lift and lower handle control.

Maintenance was made easy with large access compartments for adjustment and service to be completed in less time.