Steel & Stamping Industry Solutions Case Study

The Steel Forging Industry Uses RICO Equipment to protect operators while manipulating pieces during the forging process


Industry Showcased: Steel

Capacity 2,500 LBS

RICO Sit-Down Counterbalance 2.5K


This vehicle provided a unique solution for handling hot forging material throughout the metal forming stage.

Product Highlights:

This 2,500lbs forging manipulator is designed to handle the hot work piece from the furnace to the forge. A variable pressure clamp and 360 degree rotation allows the manipulator to reposition the work piece during the forging process.

RICO Sit-Down Counterbalance 2.5K

Water-glycol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid and high-temperature fiberglass hose sleeves protect the hydraulic system from the high temperatures encountered while work-holding. A thick ballistics-glass windshield protects the operator from flying debris and heat. Four bright LED headlights help illuminate dark work environments ensuring safe operation and clear visibility.

The 72 volt drive system allows the truck to reach top speeds in excess of 7 mph. A manually adjustable pressure regulator permits precise control of the work piece. The specious cab permits for operator ingress and egress from either side of the vehicle. The fully adjustable seat, steer column, cooling fans, and other amenities allows for comfortable operation in otherwise harsh conditions.