Military & Energy Industry Solutions Case Study

The Energy Industry reduces downtime when replacing furnace blow pipes with RICO Equipment

Industry Showcased: Energy

Capacity 5,000 LBS

RICO Walk Behind Straddle Truck


This walk-behind vehicle provided a unique solution for replacing and maintaining furnace blow pipes quickly and safely reducing down time and increasing productivity.

Product Highlights:

This unique blast furnace maintenance truck was designed to remove and transport tuyeres, blow pipes, and down legs. The 5,000 lb capacity truck is equipped with two front-end attachments—a cradle which handles the blow pipes and a bracket which handles the down legs.

The front-end attachments can be raised, lowered, tilted, side-shifted, and rotated in the loaded and unloaded condition allowing for precise alignment in the tight confines of a blast furnace platform.

RICO Walk Behind Straddle Truck

The operator control station was designed to maximize maneuverability. Instead of the traditional walkie handle rail steering and throttle controls, a forward/reverse handle and handwheel were provided. A mechanical emergency reverse bumper and optical sensors allows the operator safely walk closer to the vehicle maintaining a minimum turning radius. The low profile 55” overall height allows the truck to travel under low overhead obstructions.

Due to the high temperatures the truck may at times encounter, water glycol hydraulic fluid, fire-sleeved hydraulic hoses, and special bearings and bushings were used to prevent fire or damage to the vehicle.