General Manufacturing Industry Case Study

RICO Forklift provides damage free transport for rolls and coils up to 63" in diameter


Industry Showcased: Textile, Paper & Steel

Capacity 10,000 LBS

RICO Walk-Behind Roll Handler


This forklift created a safe walk behind solution for handling large steel and paper rolls for damage free transport throughout the manufacturing process.

Product Highlights:

RICO designed this vehicle to handle rolls or coils in the textile, paper or steel industry.

The vehicle was designed as a walk behind operation with each fork specially contoured to handle larger diameter rolls in a variety of lengths in capacity up to 10,000lbs.
RICO Walk-Behind Roll Handler

This vehicle featured adjustable roll flaps to handle a larger range of rolls from 39” to 63” in diameter, allowing a single vehicle to perform a variety of roll transfers. The tips of the forks are designed with transitional tapers for damage free entry and exit of loads eliminating costly product damage.

The walk behind power steering handle allows for easy steering under the heaviest of loads. The handle was equipped with ergonomic throttle thumb controls, sealed push buttons and emergency reversing switch for added operator safety.