General Manufacturing Industry Case Study

Rico Designed a high lift vehicle for transporting and racking paper and textile rolls


Industry Showcased: Textile & Paper

Capacity 6,000 LBS

RICO Rider Straddle 6k


This vehicle created a solution for transporting and lifting large capacity rolls on and off racks and through manufacturing safely.

Product Highlights:

RICO designed this vehicle to handle rolls in the textile and paper industry.

This design offers a 6,000lb high lift in a rider straddle version to handle fabrics, carpet or smaller paper rolls in varies shapes and sizes.

The steel ram was designed to core lift products and position them into storage stations or racks. RICO Rider Straddle 6kThe vehicle was equipped with a side shift positioner and tilt mast allowing for safe transport and precise load positioning.

The operator compartment offers ergonomic controls and clear view mast for increased visibility for load positioning at varies height for safe operation. The manual operated hydraulic value allowed for infinite variable lift and lower for unmatched control from the operator.