General Manufacturing Industry Case Study

RICO Delivers a lightweight platform lift truck that can transport high capacity loads of glass


Industry Showcased: Glass Production

Capacity 30,000 LBS

RICO Rider Platform Lift Truck


This specialized platform truck provided a solution to lift and transport higher capacity loads of glass throughout manufacturing safety and security.

Product Highlights:

This truck is designed to carry A-frames loaded with large glass sheets. The A-frame weighs up to 3,000 lbs and can hold up to 30,000 lbs of glass. Designed around existing A-frames, the truck has a narrow 38” wide platform with an exceptionally low 7” lowered height. This is made possible by the use of a high strength ASTM A514 steel undercarriage.

RICO Rider Platform
The platform lift truck was required to weigh less than 9,000 lbs in the unloaded condition due to floor loading restrictions. This was achieved by using high strength steel and a structural design for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.

This truck is equipped with a special wide operator’s compartment so the operator can stand to either side of the glass allowing for maximum visibility. The operator control console is mounted on a linear race allowing it to be moved laterally from one side of the compartment to the other. An LED light bar mounted in front of the operator compartment provides high visibility in low-light environments.

AC drive technology ensures a fast, quiet ride in both the loaded and unloaded conditions. Regenerative motor braking provides smooth plugging, improves battery life, and reduces brake wear.