Chemical & Coatings Industry Case Study

The Chemical & Coatings Industries Use RICO's high capacity Rider Trucks in dusty and wet environments


Industry Showcased: Chemical and Coatings

Capacity 15,000 LBS

RICO Straddle Truck 2K


This vehicle offered a high capacity narrow isle solution for maneuvering top heavy stainless steel totes with unprecedented safety.

Product Highlights:

This 15,000 lb capacity high-lift rider truck was designed to transport 4,000 liter totes.

Due to the operating environment, the truck was constructed in accordance with RICO Dusty and Wet Environment specifications. More stringent than type EE, Dusty and Wet Environment construction provides a degree of protection against the ingress of solid foreign objects, dust particles, water, oils and coolants.
RICO Straddle Truck 2K
Some of the provisions made for Dusty and Wet Environments are:

  • Stainless steel pins and axles.
  • Plated or stainless fasteners.
  • Sealed bearings and self-lubricating bushings.
  • Sealed electric motors.
  • Electronics are protected by NEMA enclosures.
  • Sealed switches and buttons.

The battery compartment on this truck was completely enclosed to allow the customer to use regular type E industrial batteries.

Other features include a CCTV system with a forward facing camera, an access control and monitoring system, and an elevated operator platform for clear visibility above the low-profile mast.