Chemical & Coatings Industry Case Study

RICO Platform Trucks:
Safe Solutions for Handling Explosive Materials


Industry Showcased: Chemical and Coatings

Capacity 4,000 LBS

RICO EX Platform Truck


This vehicle provided a safe solution for handling highly explosive materials

Product Highlights:

This 4,000 lb capacity sit-down rider platform truck was designed to transport carts used to haul triaminotrinitrobenzene—a high explosive used in the warheads of bombs, missiles, artillery shells, and mortars.

Due to the highly volatile nature of the cargo, this truck required safeguards beyond that which is necessitated by EX regulations as delineated by the UL 583 standards. For example, the platform truck is surrounded by bolt-on aluminum rails that required special polymer sheets to create a barrier between the rail and chassis. This prevents an explosion if any of the powdered payloads works into the crevices between the rail and chassis.

The compact size of the design allows for superior maneuverability. RICO EX Platform Truck The rubber tires, oversized spring-loaded casters, and suspension seat provides for a smooth ride even over the wood block floors it was designed to work on.

Despite the compact size of the platform truck, the operator compartment is spacious and equipped with the amenities of larger trucks, such as a fully adjustable seat and tilting steer column. The EX enclosures are positioned so they can be accessed from outside of the chassis for optimal serviceability.