Chemical & Coatings Industry Case Study

The Chemical Industry Uses RICO EX COUNTERBALANCE LIFT TRUCK to safely transport drums of explosive materials


Industry Showcased: Chemical and Coatings

Capacity 1,000 LBS

RICO EX Counterbalance 1K


This vehicle offered a solution for handling hazardous and potential explosive drums of material safely and efficiently.

Product Highlights:

This compact EX counterbalance lift truck is specially designed to transport drums. With a capacity of 1,000 lbs, it is capable of handling any 55 gallon drum regardless of its contents.

The truck’s small footprint and tight turning radius make it ideal for drum handling applications where larger, higher-lift capabilities are not required.
counterbalance lifting equipment
The EX counterbalance lift truck is constructed in accordance with UL 583 type EX specifications and is FM certified. It is equipped with static-conductive stabilizing casters, an electric horn, and readily visible BDI/hour meter. All electrical enclosures are made from solid cast aluminum and are located in the wide-open rear of the truck for greater accessibility. Manual steering handle is equipped with electric lift and manual variable lower design for greater load control.