Automotive & Aerospace Industry Solutions Case Study

RICO Equipment enabled NASA to transport solid rocket boosters


Industry Showcased: Aerospace

Capacity 40,000 LBS

RICO Solid Rocket Booster Mover


This vehicle provided a solution for handling large capacity loads with the precise docking and maneuverability required to position the load into the final assembly stage.

Product Highlights:

This unique vehicle was designed to handle sections of the solid rocket booster. The sections are 12 feet in diameter and 20 feet tall and weigh in excess of 12,000lbs. The large cylindrical section is lifted by three aluminum clad forks positioned 90 degrees from the center fork. Each lifting cylinders are equipped with linear transducers to ensure even lifting and precise load positioning.
RICO Solid Rocket Booster Mover
The hydrostatic drive system is powered by a 3 liter LP gas and achieves top speed of 7mph. The drive and load end was matched with a rugged universal load stabilizing coupler for even load transporting on uneven surfaces.

The operator compartment featured rugged ergonomic pistol grip throttle control with infinitely variable hydraulic lift and lower functions.