Automotive & Aerospace Industry Solutions Case Study

The Automotive Industry Uses RICO Equipment to lift 8,000 pound "dead vehicles"

Industry Showcased: Automotive

Capacity 8,000 LBS

RICO Dead Vehicle Mover


This vehicle provided a solution for high capacity lift and transport for “Dead Vehicle” off of the assembly line or throughout the manufacturing facility.

Product Highlights:

RICO designed this vehicle for the automotive and military industry.

This vehicle is designed to work in laboratories, paint centers, body shops and manufacturing facilities that require a “Dead” vehicle to be transported safely. The low profile lifting mechanism cradle arms open 90 degrees to center, allowing easy positioning under the front chassis. Once positioned, the tapered cradle arms are hydraulically powered to positioning under the front tires of the vehicle.
RICO Dead Vehicle Mover
Unlike other vehicle movers the lifting complex pivots about the center of the front axle, allowing for unmatched tight turning and corning. This vehicle is equipped with a walkie-rider platform that provides the operator either a walk behind operation or a stand up rider option for longer distance operation.