Agricultural Solutions Case Study

Transporter Truck: RICO Equipment Provides Solutions For An Off-Highway Tire Company


Industry Showcased: Agriculture

Capacity 15,000 LBS

RICO Transporter TrucK


This transporter truck provided an economical solution for transporting large tires throughout the manufacturing process reducing the requirement for overhead cranes.

Product Highlights:

RICO designed this vehicle for a major tire manufacturing of agriculture and off –highway truck industry.

This design offered a walk behind platform (burden carrier) which transports large tires in excess of 158” in diameter, 59” wide and weigh up to 15,000LBS each. The vehicle was featured with two large cutouts on each side of the platform to allow easy removal with an overhead crane. To ensure safe transport, the design integrated large openings for multiple tie-down locations for easy positioning of hooks and straps as well.
RICO Transporter TrucK
We maximized maneuverability by matching the profile of the platform with the load for turning in confined space. The walk behind handle was equipped with power steering an ergonomic throttle thumb controls, sealed push buttons and emergency reversing switch for added operator safety.