Agricultural Solutions Case Study

Pressure Cleaning Resistant Lifts That Decrease Cross Contamination


Industry Showcased: Food

Capacity 6,000 LBS

RICO Straddle Truck 6K


This vehicle created a safe solution reducing the risk of cross contamination from product goods and product handling while still allowing increased lifting capacity.

Product Highlights:

RICO designed this high lift walk behind vehicle for the food handling industry.

The vehicle was design for a wash down application to prevent cross contamination of foods. We accomplished this by sealed compartments and electrical enclosures designed to prevent ingress of water from high pressure cleaning. Grease is a major concern for contamination, so we utilized self-lubricating bearing throughout the entire chassis design, providing both protection and maintenance free operation.
RICO Straddle Truck 6k
We stainless steel clad the load handling forks, hardware and any areas of exposure that were unable to be coated. The chassis and exposed areas were coated with a specialized epoxy stainless steel coating for increased durability to continuous high pressure cleaning.

The walk behind handle was equipped with ergonomic throttle thumb controls, sealed push buttons and emergency reversing switch for added operator safety.