Agricultural Solutions Case Study

One of the largest sugar manufactures Uses RICO Equipment to stack 3,000 pound crates


Industry Showcased: Food

Capacity 3,000 LBS

RICO Straddle Truck 3K


This vehicle reduced operating cost and created a safe handling solution for large amounts of skidded material that far exceeded a pallet truck design.

Product Highlights:

This walkie straddle truck was manufactured for one of the largest sugar manufactures in South America. It is designed to handle tall stacks of palletized crates weighing in at 3,000 lbs.

The customer faced a unique design challenge. Since the stack of crates was so tall, an off-the-shelf load stabilizing attachment would not suffice. RICO provided a custom truck with a special load stabilizing clamp to meet their requirements. An aluminum back rest extends up the full length of the attachment to protect the operator from loose payload.
RICO Straddle Truck 3k
The truck was built to UL 583 type EE specifications to protect sensitive electronics from the fine particles encountered in the environment. The truck is equipped with guide rollers on the base legs to precisely locate it for the down-stream conveyor process. The out-to-out dimension of the rollers was held to exacting tolerances to ensure a precise, repeatable interface with the customers floor-mounted guide rails.