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Pre-Owned Equipment Policies

RICO Factory Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Sales & Buy-Back Program

Why purchase a manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicle from RICO?

All manufacturer certified forklifts have completed a 50-point safety and MAX LOAD endurance testing to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. Repairs are performed at the factory with highly skilled technicians, OEM approved parts, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.

Every pre-owned forklift is backed by a factory warranty and a name you can trust… RICO!

Need modifications to fit your specific application?

RICO offers Rapid Engineering, cost saving advice and highest quality standards in the industry.

  • RICO engineers work directly with you to meet your specific application and design requirements
  • Built to current ANSI-B56 and safety requirements
  • Deliver updated manuals and suggested spare parts list
  • Use only domestic steel and OEM approved parts
  • Safety labeling meets Z535 requirements
  • Performance test with customer load or static load test available

Direct Buy Back!

RICO manufacturing offers a “QUICK” buyback on selected original RICO Models of vehicles. These vehicles must be in good working order, unaltered or modified from the original factory specifications. Photos are required to evaluate current condition and additional information may be requested by a RICO representative to conduct a proper evaluation and offer on selected models.

Trade-In Your RICO!

If you are looking to purchase a New RICO product, this program could be for you. Our team has interest in selected vehicles and would be able to offer you a fair value as a trade toward a new RICO purchase. These vehicles must be in working condition and unaltered to RICO factory specification to qualify.

Primary interest:
  • Type Designation: EX

All others will be evaluated upon request.

RICO EX Recertification Program

Why EX Vehicles Should Be Recertified Every 2 Years
  • Safety: To prevent unexpected exposure to your employees while safeguarding against loss of life and reducing risk of severe property damage.
  • National Fire Protection Agency: To comply with NFPA requirements for explosion protection, ensuring your vehicle still provides the required protection against ignitable properties in your explosive atmosphere.
  • EX Vehicle Maintenance: RICO recommends our Recertification Program for vehicles that have had major repairs and/or damage, been in the field 2+ years, or have had limited maintenance to keep within FM label compliance.
  • OSHA 1910.178 (a): To ensure compliance of OSHA requirements for modifications and safe operation of original equipment design/rating by manufacturer.
RICO Factory Recertification Inspection (Contact us for Pricing)
  • Complete 92-point inspection of the vehicle. All work will be completed by factory certified technicians and welders.
  • Complete inspection of spark resistant material around the truck.
  • Complete inspection of Intrinsically Safe wiring (IS) to ensure it still meets NEC codes.
  • Complete inspection of Mineral Insulating cables (MI) to ensure they adhere to standards of non-combustible and high heat resistance.
  • Worn or damaged components can be quickly repaired/replaced through our extensive inventory and/or on-site manufacturing capabilities.
  • All data tags and safety labels will be replaced to meet the latest Z535 compliance
  • Final performance evaluation including: speed, load, and overall safety will be conducted.
  • RICO will perform an optional basic mechanical and hydraulic evaluation at no cost.
  • Upon approval of meeting all Factory Mutual (FM) requirements, RICO will issue a recertification certificate of compliance. This will allow the vehicle to continue operation in a hazardous environment.

RICO Vehicle Rebuild Program

RICO offers a complete rebuild program for all RICO product lines. RICO’s rebuild program reduces capital equipment expenses, provides quicker lead time for delivery and gives added life to your original investment. RICO’s rebuild program will identify components/weldments with less than 50% life expectancy, replace obsolete parts and rebuild parts that are readily available.

Electrical Evaluation
  • Controller, switches, brushes, push buttons, hour meters, key switch, and contactor tips/pendants.
  • All primary & secondary wiring, resistors, diodes, and suppressors.
  • Rebuild components (when necessary)
  • Replace components (when necessary)

Hydraulic Evaluation

  • Relief valves, flow controls, check valves, pumps, filters, tank screens, and pressure gauges.
  • Hoses, worn fittings, oils, and a complete system cleaning/test.
  • Rebuild components (when necessary)
  • Replace components (when necessary)

Drive System Evaluation

  • Brake stators, rotor pad, brake hub, friction plates, mechanical springs, and pressure plates
  • Gear oils, seals, tires, and bearings
  • Rebuild components (when necessary)
  • Replace components (when necessary)

Tire and Wheel Assemblies Evaluation

  • Tires, bearings, seals, grease fittings, and bushings replaced.

Mechanical Parts Evaluation

  • All wearable items not limited to bushings, bearings, and springs will be replaced.

Chassis Structural Evaluation

  • Capacity weight test for structural integrity and weld fatigue.
  • Major dents, damages, and gouges will be repaired.
  • Missing inspection plates will be replaced, and covers will be repaired or replaced to original condition.


  • Main chassis painted with industrial enamel safety orange, or yellow finish.
  • Bumpers, weldments, and undercarriage finished with industrial enamel satin black.
  • All finishes will meet 2-3 mil industrial top coat.
  • All surfaces will be lightly sandblasted and sanded, reducing paint build up.

Decals & Safety Labeling

  • All serial number & data tags replaced.
  • All safety labeling identified & marked in accordance to Z535 marking/color labeling.
  • Vehicle will receive an updated operator manual.