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EX University: Training & Certification Programs



*With the purchase of a vehicle

Training is an integral part of our aftermarket support. A properly trained staff is essential to safe and efficient equipment operation and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure that each client’s staff has the knowledge they need to safely operate each system, as well as to maintain it so that operation is continuous.

RICO provides our customers with the education and tools to evaluate and assess EX trucks in the field to determine whether they are still within compliance. Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our trucks in a potentially explosive environment. By providing our dealers with awareness and the knowledge of what to look for so these trucks are operating within the EX guidelines this ensures that the end-user can comfortably use these vehicles with the knowledge that their workers and equipment will remain safe.

  • Free in-house training
  • On-site training available at a minimal cost
  • Certified Instructors


  • Safety Standards
  • Explanation on how each standard relates to RICO’s trucks and how they are implemented.
  • Information regarding the approval process and restrictions.

Hands On Demonstration

  • Evaluate EX Vehicles
  • Go through Recertification Checklist
  • Point out examples of trouble areas to look for

As a companion to this training we offer our EX recertification program where any vehicle that is found to be non-compliant can be sent to RICO for full evaluation and repair.

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