Key Benefits of EX Lift Truck Rentals for Diverse Needs

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Sometimes it makes perfect sense to rent an Explosion Proof (EX) lift truck.

You should always weigh the options with your company’s financial and operational needs in mind. Buying a new or pre-owned materials handling vehicle could be a wise investment too.

When renting an EX lift truck, you can minimize the amount of downtime for your production floor via quick deliveries and readily available equipment.

At RICO, we’re well suited to give you plenty of choices. If you’re going the rental route, it’s vital that you don’t compromise and end up with a lift truck that’s not going to match your business goals.

It’s easy to find a vehicle that falls short of your preferences or end up with one that can handle far more than you’ll ever want.

With RICO, you’ll always be in the right hands. The good news is we have a wide range of explosion proof trucks and can help you select the best one. Our rental vehicles have outstanding track records and perform well even in the most hazardous environments.

Renting can save you money, especially if you have short-term needs and rental rates fit within your budget.

By renting, your company is in a good position to:

  • Invest your savings in other parts of your business
  • Count on a fixed monthly cost
  • Avoid issues with maintenance schedules
  • Minimize amount of downtime

In addition, always consider key variables like:

  • Certified equipment
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Timely deliveries
  • Technical support
  • Agreement duration — bi-weekly, monthly or long-term
  • Opportunities to enjoy discounted rates

Why rent EX forklifts from an OEM like RICO?

For starters, the process is worry-free and designed to accommodate your company at every stage — from your initial call to the quick delivery (we only work with the most reliable carriers).


Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected before its deployed and when its returned. We adhere to the highest level of safety and compliance with NFPA 505 and maintain FM Certification. Our rentals are guaranteed to be high quality even after continuous and rigorous use. They are also guaranteed to be suitable for those unique and demanding applications. All are approved to operate in Class 1 Division 1&2 – Group D and Class 2 Division 1&2 – Group G.


While you’re renting, we take care of the maintenance and services expenses. Through RICO, you get:

  • Application specific, certified attachments
  • Dealership connections
  • Shipping you can count on
  • Extensive equipment training


Renting is great option because you know you’re using a vehicle that’s engineered and designed for the best performance in challenging environments. They are durable because of our emphasis on technological updates.


Since our lift trucks perform to factory specifications, the equipment simply lasts longer. We guarantee the quality and keep our rental fleets up-to-date. We also ensure that they’re the safest in the industry. Issues are extremely uncommon, but if something comes up we will ship a replacement vehicle right away so downtime doesn’t become a burden.

Learn more about specific EX rentals that typically include high lift stand-up rider straddles, sit-down counterbalance trucks, walk-behind pallet trucks and more.

Renting allows your business to try before you buy. We’re eager to structure the rental agreement that’s ideal for your expectations.

RICO also offers Certified Pre-Owned Equipment that complete a 50-point safety and MAX LOAD endurance testing to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability.

Get the details by contacting a RICO customer service representative at 330.723.4050 or contact us.