Since 1984, RICO has custom-built application specific vehicles for businesses looking to improve productivity, move unique material and streamline their operation.

Our tenacious commitment to our dealer partners and quality engineering sets RICO apart as a custom material handling equipment manufacturer and define the process that makes us so successful.

Learn more about the process that enables us to deliver vehicles uniquely designed for each customer.



Application Review
Custom Engineering
On-Site Delivery
Lifetime Support

The Dealership Difference

An end user might be surprised to learn that we primarily sell our engineered equipment through dealerships across North America and the globe. Our solid dealer relationships allow RICO to provide the best equipment solution and the end user to receive the highest quality long-term service.

Because truck buyers and dealers have more frequent, and ongoing, communication – dealers develop a strong understanding of their customer’s business needs and application. That customer knowledge makes dealers invaluable when engineering a custom lift truck.

When there is a need for service, whether it be regular maintenance or an issue that requires a timely fix, your local dealership is staffed and equipped to respond quickly, so downtime is minimized.

Custom Material Handling Equipment Beyond Standard Capabilities

RICO’s custom engineering capabilities allow us to be the answer for applications that are outside the ordinary or can’t be served by standard lift truck models.

Our dealers rely on us to provide options when a customer’s material handling need can’t be met by the truck solutions they offer. Whether the lift truck has unique requirements for capacity, height, or work environment, dealers know RICO has the capabilities to not only design a specialty vehicle, but to fabricate it from the ground-up.

Through dealers, end-users receive the best lift truck for their needs, with ongoing training, maintenance and service support.

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