Need Custom Lift Trucks? Single Dealer Partnerships Ensure Trust and Commitment

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A singular focus produces outstanding results. Our philosophy at RICO to pursue single-dealer partnerships is the key to our longevity in providing specialized, heavy duty, custom lift trucks for industrial and institutional purposes. We have a vested interest in our vehicle and its results to satisfy the customer, whether for heavy lifting, narrow aisle maneuvering or explosion-proof equipment for more hazardous work.

At RICO, we have chosen to focus on a single-dealer partnership because we believe it provides the best benefits overall for the end user for several reasons:


The customer is in the driver’s seat—almost literally—and they are able to choose the dealer that they have an existing relationship with for their material handling needs. A local dealer is closer geographically, making it ideal to obtain service and have a good working relationship.

Firm and Fair Pricing

We supply one valid quotation per end-user opportunity, not multiple quotations for people to shop around. Each project is quoted according to exact specifications because each truck is custom designed. That is why dealers approach RICO in the first place, because they have a customer with a special situation that cannot be fulfilled in any other way.

In addition, the end user will get the best custom lift truck for their application. Having a good working relationship between a single dealership and RICO also means they have the chance to be better acquainted with the application worksheets and information we need to supply to suit the end user’s needs. The design of a specialized piece of equipment requires intensive engineering investment, adherence to OSHA regulations and so forth. There is a lot of dialogue between our engineering team and the dealership’s account manager to ensure the customer receives the best truck for the job before a quotation is ever finalized.*


We do not follow a “first come, first served” philosophy. It is always the choice of the end-user to decide which servicing lift truck dealership to partner with first. Then the selected dealership may choose to form a business partnership with RICO or not.


Our commitment to this single-dealer focus builds a level of trust in the business relationship that brings a value in addition to the high-caliber quality of our work. In establishing that direct, singular relationship, there is mutual respect and a framework to utilize, which results in the best result for the dealer, the customer and our company.

Ask us about our single-dealership policy if you have a customer with unique requirements that might need a custom approach. Call us at 330-723-4050.

*The rare exception to this policy comes in the form of military/government bids and opportunities outside of U.S. and Canadian borders, due to the unique nature of government contracting. These are unique situations within our industry that do not affect the single dealer partnerships built within North America as a whole. We have in the past quoted multiple servicing dealers in these situations.