Custom Lift Truck Support – RICO Sales Team Realigned for Focused Service

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At RICO Manufacturing, we understand the lift truck is an integral part of our customers’ processes.

Every custom forklift is designed and manufactured specifically for our customer’s application and specifications. Our lift trucks are used in many applications and industries, each with their own unique requirements.

It is critical that every RICO team member is an expert both in their field and on the trucks themselves. This is why we have spent the last few months reviewing our processes and realigning our teams to ensure every custom lift truck is back by the highest level of support and expertise.

Throughout every step of the process: from design and manufacturing to installation and operation in the field, RICO’s equipment is fully supported throughout their service lift by a team of dedicated experts who are true business partners.

We are excited to introduce our newly restructured sales team! This new alignment enables our team to focus on specific product segments: Explosion Proof Lift Trucks, High-Capacity Cushion Tire Trucks, Die Handling Systems and Specialty Lift Trucks.

When you work with one of RICO’s product specialists on your next purchase, you can be confident you are working with the expert who understand your needs and is working in direct collaboration with the engineers and operations teams who will be building your truck.


Meet the Product Specialists…


Brian WillinghamBrian Willingham – Specialty, High Capacity Counterbalanced, Die Handlers
Brian has been with RICO Manufacturing for 12 years, with nine (9) years in the Sales Department. He has an extensive background with handling large projects focusing on the Pegasus High Capacity Counterbalance Series, Quick Die Change solutions, and Specialty lift trucks.


Adam WachtelAdam Wachtel – Specialty, High Capacity Counterbalanced, Die Handlers
Driving our specialty forklift division is Adam, who brings six (6) years’ experience with RICO manufacturing. Adam’s troubleshooting nature and attention to detail makes him a perfect fit as the Product Specialist for RICO’s Specialty Lift Trucks.


Tony BartinelliTony Bartinelli – Explosion Proof Series and Explosion Proof Rental Fleet
Tony has been with RICO for two (2) years and came to RICO with over 25 years of sales experience. Tony is excited and motivated to be your go-to for all things EX equipment. From quoting to questions, Tony is your guy for Explosion Proof forklifts.


Not sure who to contact for your custom forklift need? You can always contact us and we will be sure to get you to the correct product specialist!