Choosing the Right Custom Lift Truck Manufacturer

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Industrial applications can require specialized equipment to assure successful and incident free operation. When attempting to do a job with the wrong lift truck, productivity goes down, and the risk of injury and product or equipment damage goes up. Purchasing custom lift equipment can be a significant investment, but it will quickly pay dividends in efficiency, production, and the overall safety of your day to day operation.

When selecting a manufacturer, deliberating on important considerations can help you make the right selection. Does the manufacturer offer in-house engineering and build a completely custom solution? What are their service options?

Custom Lift Truck Solutions Built from Scratch

RICO’s custom builds are the right choice when an application requires capabilities outside of available catalog trucks customizations.

While some manufacturers begin custom projects using a standard frame, RICO’s customizations encompass the entire vehicle – from the frame size and dimensions to the materials used. The entire truck is built based on a customer’s needs while using proven modular designs and integrating many industry standard components, offering off-the-shelf replacement for field support.

Engineering Capabilities

Our team of in-house engineers have a wealth of knowledge in the material handling space and have provided solutions to some of the most complex problems.

Because each material handling vehicle is built from scratch, our engineers’ collaborative approach allows us to fully understand the customer’s application, service environment, and operator needs before our design and manufacturing team begin production.

RICO’s engineers will uncover essential factors related to a project during the consultative design phase including efficiency, productivity, safety, hazardous materials, load requirements, explosion risks, space restrictions, and rider specifications and preferences.

Servicing Capabilities

The accessibility to service and spare parts for your custom lift truck has a big impact on your investment’s long-term success. Whether a truck is purchased off a lot or tailor built, customers need responsive support and maintenance.

Through our extensive dealer network, RICO has the best system for continuous and rapid vehicle servicing that will limit downtime and remove production obstacles. As our servicing arm, dealers can assist customers with replacement parts, fast repair, and safety improvements as new technologies become available.

Does your application require a unique solution? Call RICO at 330-723-4050 or contact us to learn more about why we are the right custom lift manufacturer for your needs.