Rider Tugger


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Vehicle Details:

All manufacturer certified forklift trucks have completed a 50-point safety and MAX LOAD endurance testing to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. Repairs are performed at the factory with highly skilled technicians, OEM approved parts, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.

Model: R-PT-R

Series: Tractors & Lift Tow

Capacity: Sit-Down Rider

Operator Type: 10,000 lbs.

Drawbar Pull Capacity: 150 lbs.
Condition: Like New
OAL: 65.5”
OAW: 40.5”
OAH: 55.25”
Wheel Base: 38.25”
Fixed Hitch Height: 13.5”
Unit Weight (Without Battery): 2,240 lbs.
Built to specs: Type E

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