AGV Truck: Sit-Down Rider


Vehicle Details:

Model: Engineered/Specialty

Capacity: Up to 400,000 lbs

Operator Type: Automatic Operation

Steering: Precise steering through electrical or hydraulic cylinder steering

Truck Type Designation : E or EE

RICO’s Automatic Guided Vehicle is designed to meet the highest level of safety standards in the industry. This design is offered in a counterbalance, high-lift /low-lift platform, pallet style, tractor, straddle, reach, transporter, coil handling and die handling trucks build specific to your application requirements.

Built to ANSI B56 Safety Standard for Industrial Truck.


Design Offers

  • Varies models and design configuration.
  • Wired or laser target navigation system.
  • All steel constructed chassis and welded frame for superior strength.
  • Battery charging-shoe connection for unassisted opportunity charging.
  • Precise lifting controlled through hydraulic or mechanical design.
  • Easy to read programing screens with centralized station.
  • Application specific lifting platforms.
  • Intergraded chassis lifting points for precise balance.

Drive System Offers

  • Differential speed controls.
  • Horizontally mounted, high torque, AC or DC drive motors.
  • Precise steering through electrical or hydraulic cylinder steering.
  • Fail safe electric emergency parking and service brakes.
  • Industry standard components.
  • Forced air controlled electrical compartments.

Safety & Service Features

  • Non-contact sensing device provides 360 degree of obstacle detection
  • Emergency stop buttons located around the vehicle
  • Visual and audible alarm system warnings
  • Many additional safety features based on application and facility requirements